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Friday, October 18, 2013



Truthly, From me, just me, to a TEACHER or perhaps to a FUTURE TEACHER wannabe :')


Heart of a Teacher?

The child arrives like a mystery box
with puzzle pieces inside
some of the pieces are broken or missing
and others just seem to hide

But the HEART of a teacher can sort them out
and help the child to see
the potential for greatness he has within
a picture of what he can be

Her / his goal isn't just to teach knowledge
by filling the box with more parts
it's putting the pieces together
to create a work of art

The process is painfully slow at times
Some need more help than others
Each child is a work in progress
With assorted shape and colours

First, she/ he creates a classroom
where the child can feel safe in school
where he never feels threatened or afraid to try
and kindness is always the rule

She / he knows that a child
can achieve much more
when he/ she feels secure inside

when.. he's valued and loved
and believes in himself

and he has a sense of pride

she / he models and teachers good character
and respect for one another
how to focus on strengths .. not weaknesses
and how to encourage each other

she / he gives the child the freedom their needs
to make choice on their own
so they will learn to become more responsible
and able to stand alone

He's / She's taught to be strong and think for himself
as his soul and spirit heal
and the puzzle that's taking  shape inside
has a much more positive feel

A teacher with a HEART for her/his children
knows that what teaching is all about
she/ he may not have all the answers
but on this.. she/he has no doubt

When asked which subjects she/he loved to teach,
she/ he answered this way and smiled..


Semoga kita sebagai pendidik mahupun bakal pendidik, InshaaAllah lebih bermotivasi dan ikhlas dalam mengajar :')

Yup, orang akan pandang jadi cikgu tu senang.. oh yeah? 

cuba awak jadi cikgu n prove it . would u?

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