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Friday, March 18, 2011

Nak tau hati perempuan ?


w0ooo !
pd ari yg sama ak da post 2 entry ~
apesal ak ni ?

hihi ~
bak kata org Sabah
ak suke tol statement ni :)

ok, tak de kaitan !
sila abaikan apa yg ak merepek kat atas okk ?

Ak selaku Kaum Hawa ni..
nk st0ry cikit ah kt kaum2 Adam..
utk penegtahuan k0rang jugak..
take a n0te okkk?


1) "Fine"
This is the word woman use to end an argument when they r fight n u need 2 SHUT UP !

2) "Five Minutes"
If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. ;p
Five minutes is only five minutes if u hav juz been given five more minutes 2 watch d game b4 helping ar0und d house.

3) "Nothing"
This is d CALM b4 d STORM.
This means something, n u should b on ur toes.
Argument dat begin with nothing usually end in FINE.

4) "Go Ahead"
This is a DARE, not PERMISSION !
Dont do it !

5) "Loud Sigh"
This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men.
A loud sigh means she thinks u r an IDIOT n wonders y she is WASTING TIME standing here n arguing with u about NOTHING.

6) "Thats Ok"
This is one of the MOST DANGEROUS STATEMENTS a woman can make to a man.
Thats ok means she wants to think long n hard b4 deciding how n when u'll pay 4 ur mistake.

7) "Thanks"
A woman is thanking u, do not question @ faint.
Just say dat u're welcome.
I wanna add a clause here :
This is true, unless she says "thanks a lot"
c0z dat is  PURE sarcasm n she is not thanking u at all.
Do not say "u're welcome"
That will bring on WHATEVER.

8) "Whatever"
Is a woman's way of saying F-YOU!

9) "Dont Worry about it, i got it"
Another dangerous statement ,
meaning that is something that a woman has told a man 2 do several times,
but is now doing it herself.
This will later result in a man asking,
"Whats wrong?"
N for the woman response,
please refer to no 3 !

ak mcm ni ke?

yeah, sometimes..
maaf kalo ada yg tak setuju..
tak setuju? sila comment..
setuju ? comment la jugak ..

p/s : diz is a true tq.. ;)


Almade Nespesor said...

ok bha kalo kaw ! yeay~

Ratnawati @ Ratna Nurmieyana said...

wah ! mantap siuttt. i like !

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

Almade ^^
ok bha kalo ko...

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

Syg ^^
haha ! ak pon LIKE!

alongizhamhadi said...

glup!!!setuju gan bende2 ni...kene perihatin bila ayat2 tu keluo...kalo blh elak..elakkan dgn pantas...heee...OMBAK BESAR...heeee...

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

haahahahhaha ~
sila amik langkah b'hati2 okkkk..

TeAqArH said...

teaqah pun da penah post ni...
tp mmg btol pun

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

oppps~ kantoi di citu kte copy paste..

Nia Nadia said...

hahahha . setuju gila kott :P

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

setuju ! ;p

amirul iman said...

alamak ! pengetahuan am nie..huahahaha~ =0

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

yew ! tp x masuk dlm pengajian am tau.. ahhaa!

amirul iman said...

hahaha~ funny ~=)

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

hahaha ~

DonutCoklat said...

menarik gak ni..go ahead..fine..whatever..thank...:)

fizer0 said...

waakkaka,, nice share...:D

Mya Nurmieyana :) said...

hahaha~ sgt b'guna kan.. :)

Efaziela said...

sya setuju!!!! ^^